Stefano Giardiniere

Stefano Giardiniere - Thorns 918701 GS20-061175
20 years ago...

...I wrote the first songs in my life and on this short album - the first chapter of my chronicles - are five of them.

This songs were written for the first band I played in.
A band with a lot of changes, ups and downs and with very different names.
Started as "Dark Demons", changed the name again and again like "Chrimson Children" or "Chrimson Thorns" and finally the bandname was "Trojan".

So I took some of the old songs and reworked it in "Stefano style"...
Guitars, E-Cello, Flute, Glockenspiel played by Stefano Giardiniere.

All songs written by Stefan Gärtner.

Cover artwork and photo by Stefan Gärtner.
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